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Through time the circus has always been a place of fantasy, imagination and where one can come to appreciate artistry in motion.  Elephant rides, cotton candy, clowns, traditional circus music, acrobats, lions and their tamers all under one tent; each have helped define it as its main source of entertainment.  There has however always been a natural curiosity about where all of these unusual characters have come from and are truly oddities or is it just make-up and costumes that have created them?  That mystery alone causes one’s mind to wonder about the back story of these characters and workers that put on these traveling spectaculars. Are they genuine? Is it all made up? In all walks of life, there is a history of happiness, pain, sorrow, tragedy, redemption and triumph; what is the story of these mysterious people and how have they always been able to make it all work?  The traditional circus is one of “3 rings”; Join the Bombsquad’s circus in 2019 as we venture through “The Fourth Ring” and ‘Scenes from a Psychotic Circus’ to see if you can find out what is real……..and what is all an illusion.

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